Tuesday, May 5, 2009

General tips/ FAQ on JBOSS/AJAX components

Q: What does immediate="true" stands for?
=> When you use immediate=true, you bypass validation for e.g. mandatory fields.

Q: How do I rerender certain components/tables on a page?
=> Use AJAX reRender function. When calling reRender in AJAX components, make sure you enter a panel name and not a table name or anything else. In the example below, to rerender 2 panels use a ','.


<a4j: action="#{backingbean.retrieveSelectedData}" value="Show selected rows" rerender="selectedRowsPanel, allSelectionPanel">

<h:panelgroup id="selectedRowsPanel">

<h:panelgroup id="allSelectionPanel">

Q: How do I call a method in my backing bean, pass in parameter then return data to a page?

<h:commandLink immediate= "true" action= "#{backingBean.findProductByCategory}" value="Get product info">
<f:setPropertyActionListener target="#{backingBean.category}" value="#{category}"/>

Backing bean:
public class ProductBean {
private cat;

public setCategory(Category category){
this.cat = category;

public String findProductByCategory( ){

Q: When the page is loaded, IE shows "Javascript runtime error" but not in firefox. What's wrong?
=> This maybe due to extra tags for example, form within form:

<h:form id="productInfo">
<h:form id="productForm">

Q: How do I call something like an onload( ) function that will be called once the page is loaded?
=> Here's a get around method:

Inside JSF: To be placed before your form/other code.
<h:inputHidden value="#{backingBean.resetValue}"/>

Inside backing bean: A string is returned as this is a getter. The value returned is not important, what we want is to run the codes to reset all values(for whatever reason)

public String getResetValue( ){
this.product = null;
return "";

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